Wayne Jordan

Wayne Jordan started his illustrious career in real estate development over 30 years ago. He has been instrumental in the positive facelift of Oakland during that time and continues to be a pillar of the community. It was real estate that first brought Wayne to the vineland of Alexander Valley. Wayne acquired the T Bar T vineyard in the year ____. In 2018, with the collaboration of his son Samuel, Wayne embarked on the journey that is Red Bear Winery. While this is where Wayne’s winemaking story begins, his passion for premium wines began many years ago with his first trip to Italy. Red Bear is the culmination of many trips to Italy, France, and Spain, tasting and reveling in the great Old World wines. Wayne brought back that knowledge and respect for the craft of winemaking to Northern California, the epicenter of New World winemaking. Today, Wayne’s passion for wines can be heard as he speaks about the process and the many tastings it took to craft a product that he and the family can be proud of, Red Bear.

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